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Fuck Yeah Band Gif Imagines
This is a blog dedicated to wonderful hard working band members. As well as the faithful fans who like to imagine things about them. Lot's of things! Anything really just ask! So have fun please and enjoy! (Requests Closed Until I Finish The Ones I Have Now Y'know?)

Hey vote for my friend here http://www.933flz.com/pages/contest/5-seconds-of-summer/?1a2&1400647528 please it would mean a lot.

Best blog ever! Could you make one of Matt from BFMV? <3

Yeah of course.

I'm know you've done a few before but can you do a Jaime Preciado one? :3 pretty please with cherry on top and a batch of cupcakes


Yes I can. :D

parker cannon please. :)


Yes of course.

Could you do an Andy biersack one please??? Love your blog!!

Yes I can and thank you.

Motionless In White, Chris Motionless?


Yes of course, it will be up in a second.


Please do not send anymore requests until I fill in the ones I already have.

As some of you may know by the other text post the regular person who runs this blog broke her laptop and can’t update so she asked her friend (me) who has like no experience doing gif imagines and stuff like that. So please bare with me here, I am trying to do my best and fill in the requests that are just filling up the inbox but some of them I don’t know what to do. So please just don’t send in anymore requests until I finish the ones in my inbox. I would really appreciate it.

Can I get either a tony or Mike imagine?

Yes you can.